Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday 1/31/08

We had a bit of shopping to do and then we ate lunch. Instead of heading straight home we went to my favorite spot by the water. Of course there are always gulls around and as we were sitting there I told Don we needed to buy some bread so we could feed them.
As it so happened....we had forgotten to dump our trash bag in the dumpster when we left the campground. So Don opened it and right there on top was some apple peelings.
I took one and broke off a piece and threw it toward one gull. OMGosh!! They must have some kind of radar because all of a sudden there were dozens right by my window. It was almost scary! hahaha

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  1. Linda, I just found your blog today...really on the ball aren't I? I've totally enjoyed readying about your time in Rockport. You make me want to be there! Enjoy!


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