Sunday, January 6, 2008


See!! WooHoo! We left after lunch and drove around a bit. Found this nice beach so someday we'll take our chairs and just go sit. We also found an aquarium to visit and a museum.

And lots and lots of places where we can buy fresh fish and shrimp. Still haven't found the right place to go eat it yet. I'll have to do some asking around. Did find the quilt store tho! Yeah!!
Here are more pics of the beach. Altho this pic is a bit deceiving. This is just a small beach that is the end of one that a person would have to pay to go to. Beaches along the shore is not the norm. Most of what we saw was rock and man-made sea wall. We did see lots and lots of small fishing boats. I suppose that is how a lot of the men make a meager living. Must be a hard life.

We drove along the beach road on the way back and there are walking piers at least every 50 feet. We also saw black pelicans. I did get a few pics but I'm afraid they just aren't close enough to see much detail.

We then came back home and put out the rug and tablecloth on our table. That made it cozy. :)

Then we went to church at 6:00 and then tried to find somewhere to go eat. Settled on a restaurant called China Bay. They had a buffet and OMGosh it was soooooo good. We will definitely go back there....even tho it wasn't exactly what we were looking for.

It has now warmed up nicely and I'm looking forward to taking my handwork outside on our *patio*. :0

(PS) if you click on any of the pictures that I have posted on any post....they enlarge. Enjoy.

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