Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wed. 1/9/08

We took a little excursion yesterday and drove down the coast to Aransas Pass which is about (I'm guessing) maybe 20 miles from us here in Rockport. I'm sure glad we're staying here. The countryside turns into more wetlands looking. Hardly any trees. And if there is a tree...they are short and knarly from the wind. The sceanery is much nicer up here and Rockport is so quaint. Aransas Pass is just a typical town that we'd see anywhere. I'll get pics of Rockport one day.

We stoped for lunch at The Big Fisherman and had one of their daily specials.
Gumbo soup to start.... (very good - just a little bit spice warm but not hot hot)
1 Stuffed crab, 1 stuffed shrimp,
5 fried shrimp (yum) and 4 fried fish strips with a baked potato.
I'm glad I ate it but I now know that stuffed crab and stuffed shrimp is mostly breading and a little of that goes a long way. They also have a special on Tuesdays..... All you can eat chicken fried steak for $1.75!!! Yes you read that right. We've been told the waiting line is at least an hour long if you go from 11:30 to we will definately go later than that.

As we were driving we came upon a marina that stored boats. They had two of these humongus buildings they called *stacked* storage. OMGosh!!! have no idea how they did that.

Again I took several pics of the birds that we saw....but I won't bore you with them here. I'll post to the web album if you want to see them.

I do want you to see what a Norfork Pine should look like if it grows outside. This is the tree I had sitting in my dining room. Gina is now taking care of it for me and it sounds like it is really loving her house.!!!! heehee

I also want you to see some of the windswept oaks that grow down here.
Today will be a quiet day again for us. I'm not sure we will be doing anything spectacular....but if we do then I'll let you know later.
It's cloudy and a bit cool so far today.

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