Thursday, January 24, 2008

Anniversary Day!

45 years!!
Last night Debbie reminded me about our anniversary today.
After that many years....who can blame a gal for forgetting a few things after all. I have no idea what we will do today to *celebrate*. heehee Maybe we'll go to Walmart. That should be fun huh Jess? hahaha
Good morning all. We have another cloudy, misty, cold and breezy day today. Dang!!

Yesterday our neighbor invited us to go to a Music Jam. He plays guitar and sings at several jams during the week and came over to tell us about this one so we decided to go a bit early and have lunch.
Here's a pic of the place.
It's pretty run down and kinda small. The story goes that Capt Billy was (is) a shrimper and he and his wife decided to open this little cafe to give her something to do while he was out on the boat. Hence the first name. Well...the place was kinda small and they loved having music and dancing and the place just wasn't big enough to dance. So they decided they needed a bigger place so they sold it to the nephew. Yep....that's the 2nd name. haha More story goes....the 2nd place isn't doing as well as they had hoped so he had to go back to shrimping. So he's on the boat .... she runs the new place....and the nephew runs this one. And has music jams every Wed afternoon from 1:00 to 3:00.
And....This is the place I've been looking for that sells the fish I've been wanting. Shrimp, oysters and crab with a baked potato. YUM!!

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