Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday and my Wall....

I've finished my daughters Christmas snuggle and just waiting for the weather to settle down a bit so I can get it to the quilters.  Sorry I can't show it too you but she does read my blog (Hi Deb) and I don't want to spoil the surprise for her.

But I can show you the next #2 snuggle I'm making.  This one is for one of the grands.

I started with fabric that had several different snowman scenes printed on it.  After cutting out each block I went to EQ and tried several different blocks until I finally settled on this setting.  I wanted something simple and easy.  And this is that for sure.  
All of the sashing geese are made and I'm now in the process of putting it all together.   We're forcast for another winter storm so it looks like I'll have plenty of time to work on this one this week. 

Now that I have something on my wall that I can actually share I'm heading over to Judy's Patchwork Times and link to her Design Wall Monday post.  
Grab your cup and let's go visiting.....  

I hope you're having a great day. Glad you stopped by.....Linda

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hand stitching....

These last couple of weeks I've been slowly getting my hexies basted and I've started setting them together.  I plan to make a small runner for my table in the living room.  I'll be adding four more *flowers* (that are already made) then I'll concentrate on adding the border.  I have kinda started the border (right side) but I think I'll also make some half hexies to fill in around the outside.  I'll see after I get the first round on.
This is what I've done so far.  Did I say that I love hexies?  Yeah I thought I did because I really do!

I'll be heading over to Kathy's Quilts to link up to her Slow Sunday Stitching.
Stay safe and warm if you're in the path of this next winter storm.
I hope you're having a great day. Glad you stopped by.....Linda

Friday, February 22, 2013

One caught up.....

I had gotten several months behind with my BOM's for one reason or another.   So when our big snow storm hit I decided to go back in my sewing room and sit by my nice warm iron and sew.   It took me a couple of days but I did get caught up on Carol Doak's BOM,   Now just waiting for the end clue and how to set it together.
I have really enjoyed making all of these paper pieced blocks and have learned a lot.  I'm no longer afraid to tackle a block that looks too complicated because I can always paper-piece it.
Here's the blocks I've just finished.......
December's setting blocks

January's block

February's blocks.  


And this is my *holding corner* for the blocks.  
I still need to add Dec & Feb here 

So looking forward to getting this one finished and off to a quilter.  
I hope everyone is staying safe, warm and cozy during this storm.  It has now passed us after dumping about 18" and is now swirling it's way to the East.  
Get those irons turned on and stay warm.  ;o)
I hope you're having a great day. Glad you stopped by.....Linda

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Guess I've made it.....

I must be a 'real' blogger now.  I have officially gotten my very first *SPAM* message that everyone complains about.  hahaha
So let's see..... how many years have I been blogging?
Oh yeah..... that would be Five years now!!
  As I was checking my email this morning I saw a message from "Anonymous".    That, of course, was a red flag (I only know one *Anonymous* and that's my daughter heehee) so I cautiously read the message and sure enough ..... it was completely not quilt related or anything that I would ever be interested in and I knew right away it was ...Spam..... [she said in a very deep voice].
Now this is when my reasoning stepped in.....
#1 Rule.... NEVER open an attachment unless you know that the person sending it would actually be sending it for real.   I didn't know that particulate Anonymous and I wasn't interested in the subject matter contained in the message for sure and I definitely WAS NOT going to open the attachment !!  {I know.  I'm smart that way. ;-) }
Sooooo I did what I always do to emails I don't want.  I deleted it!
Then I headed to my blog and sure enough.....Bless their little hearts.... Blogger had taken care of me (like they said they would) and that comment was exactly where it should have been.
Right there in the spam folder.  I love Blogger.

Nope I didn't have to do a thing.
Charm About You
I don't monitor your comments and I don't make you jump through hoops to leave one.  I trust Blogger to work like they say it will and even IF a spam comment gets though now and then I am perfectly capable of pushing that delete button myself.  
So go ahead and take a second or two to leave a comment.  I won't hold you up here for long.     ;0)

Oh and by the way.... I reserve the right to change my mind at any time in the future about all of this.  hahaha
I hope you're having a great day. Glad you stopped by.....Linda