Monday, March 22, 2010

Several weeks ago Connecting Threads had a sale on some of their fabric lines.
Well..... I couldn't control myself and I wound up ordering the Aqua Terra line
I mean....the fabrics were all so nice and I really needed them and they were priced right and....I had no idea what I wanted to make with these fabrics .... but I did know I had to have them.   So I did!
Actually this was a first for me.  I've never bought a "fabric Line" before.  I've always just grabbed a piece of that or a yard of this or a Fat Quarter or added the end of the bolt.  So when this pkg arrived I just sat them on my desk and looked at them all this time.
Yesterday a light bulb went off and I knew what I wanted to make.  I got out the 7" Crazy Curves Templates from Elisa's Backporch and started cutting.  I cut 4 sets from each fabric and then started mixing them up.  (and the best part.... I still have lots of fabric left)  :o) 

It took me a bit to get in the groove of sewing the curve but once I had about three done it was much easier. 
So today I'll be sewing these blocks so I can get them on my design wall and figure out the setting. 
Have a sunny day today!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This post is for my daughter Deb. will now have an apron!!!

It may not be the prettiest..... but it's an apron and it's reversible and it's all yours.     LOL

One of the members in our Guild is the Home Ec. teacher and she presented last months program.  She showed how she has her students cut either 5" or 6" squares and use seam binding for the edging and ties.  I missed the program but I do have the pattern sheet so I decided this would be just perfect to make for Deb.
I chose to make my own binding (so it would match) rather than buying the pre-made.  And since I really wasn't sure how it would all turn out I just grabbed some fabric that I was pretty sure I wouldn't use in a quilt.  It was quick, easy and will do the job when Deb is back home and wants to make her mother a cake or dinner or whatever.  heehee

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Well as you can see I've been playing with my blog design again.  Way to go Blogger!  I love the new layouts that are available now.  My goodness!  Such a fantastic selection to choose from.  And the addition of pages will sure help clean up the Home page.
There's only one big problem that I can see right off.
Now I want to spend time designing!!
Looks like not only will my quilting time suffer .... but my farming might just have to slow a bit.  LOL  

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So OK.  You remember how I've said I really needed to cut down on all the blog reading I do each day?  How it just eats up all my time.  (Of course now it's FarmVille..... but that's a whole 'nother story).
Back to the blogs. 
I followed interesting blogs with Google Reader.  A lot of interesting blogs.    And I have blogs arranged into different groups so it's a quick check to just click on the group.   I have Scrapbooking blogs, Best Friend blogs, etc etc.   The group that has the absolute most is Favorite blogs.  
Yep!  That one had a LOT of blogs.  I really did try to cut back  I spent several hours a few months ago just really sorting out the ones I really liked from the ones I kinda like.  I dumped a few.  Really!  I did!
But .... I still had oodles of blogs to go through each day. 
Well let me tell you how I've found a sure fire way to take care of too many blogs on the list.
It's very simple really.......
Here's how I did it.
I clicked on "Favorites" group and as I was running through them quickly I found one that I've lost interest in.  It was highlighted so (without thinking) I quickly clicked on 'Folder Settings' and then on 'Unsubscribe to all'.  And answered Yes to the next box.  You know that box that is smarted than you that always checks to be sure you know what you're doing?  Yeah that box! 
Zap!!!   That's all there is too it.  It wiped out all those blogs in that group.  LOL 
Gone!  No way to get them back. 
I froze. 
What was I going to do now?
............... Then I regained my composure.....took a deep breath.......... and realized that was probably the best thing that could have happened.  
Kinda like ripping off a bandaid. 
Awwww  I feel better now. 

Off to play FarmVille.........


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wow!!  An unbelievable event has happened in our household today. 
Are you ready for this?      ........

His quilt is DONE!!!!! 

 It is huge!  And it's the biggest quilt I've ever made.  94 x 106
I just threw it on the king size bed to get a picture of it since it's much to big to hold up and snap a pic. 
 These are the borders that I couldn't quilt without turning it on the frame. 
I've decided I really really like pantos best.   Wasn't too fond of the marking that I did on this but I do know that if I decide to mark again I will take my Juki off the frame and do the quilting on a table.  I just can't do the frame/ruler/follow the line style of quilting with my little setup. 
I do love my frame for panto quilting though so at least I have it for that. 
I did just a simple large meandering on the center of the quilt and I'm glad I decided on something simple.  I sure didn't want anything flowery or foofooy for this quilt. 

I'm glad it's finished!  

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Well....sadness!!  The Olympics are over.     Now that they are I have been spending my time with my sewing/quilting again.    I'm half way finished with hand sewing the binding on Don's quilt.  I have named it the "Forever Quilt" since it has taken me that long to finish it.  Lol   Once the binding is finished I'll post a final picture.   Maybe there will still be a few cold nights for him to get some good out of it yet this winter.
But then again....maybe not!
I saw our first robing today!!!!!
Spring is on it's way.....

I've had a headache these last few days so I'm kinda not moving too fast.  I did get the list out to start working on more Sylvia's Bridal Sampler blocks.  These are the three I have finished now.

Block # 4
Log Cabin .... I chose to use yellow to represent the Light In The Window.  I just think is sounds so much more inviting.  
This is a very poorly made LeMoyne Star.   :o(  
   First there were those dratted set in seams again.  But then the real booger for me was the center points.  Phooey!  I finally just gave up and it is what it is.  Imperfection and all. 

#6 Bachelor's Puzzle.  More set in seams but this one didn't seem to cause as much trouble.

I'm off now to try to get this headache under control