Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Well....sadness!!  The Olympics are over.     Now that they are I have been spending my time with my sewing/quilting again.    I'm half way finished with hand sewing the binding on Don's quilt.  I have named it the "Forever Quilt" since it has taken me that long to finish it.  Lol   Once the binding is finished I'll post a final picture.   Maybe there will still be a few cold nights for him to get some good out of it yet this winter.
But then again....maybe not!
I saw our first robing today!!!!!
Spring is on it's way.....

I've had a headache these last few days so I'm kinda not moving too fast.  I did get the list out to start working on more Sylvia's Bridal Sampler blocks.  These are the three I have finished now.

Block # 4
Log Cabin .... I chose to use yellow to represent the Light In The Window.  I just think is sounds so much more inviting.  
This is a very poorly made LeMoyne Star.   :o(  
   First there were those dratted set in seams again.  But then the real booger for me was the center points.  Phooey!  I finally just gave up and it is what it is.  Imperfection and all. 

#6 Bachelor's Puzzle.  More set in seams but this one didn't seem to cause as much trouble.

I'm off now to try to get this headache under control  


  1. Back to Blog land and just catching up on your recent activity. Love the new blocks inperfections (I didn't see any) and all. Can't wait to see the "Forever Quilt"!

  2. I'm so sorry your head is hurting...I hate migraines. I have so many of those forever projects...they will get done eventually LOL. Lovely blocks, that LeMoyne can be a challenge.


  3. Hope the headache is gone by now. Migraines are no fun at all! Love the blocks and think they look just fine. I really learned a lot from watching Alex Anderson's tutorial on LeMoyne Stars on the Quilt Show web site. I go back and refer to it every now and then as my ability to retain things seems to get less and less each day.

  4. Oh, your blocks are lovely, Linda! They will make a gorgeous quilt!

  5. Your blocks look great. I had some blocks that gave me a headache once because the points didn't line up at all. I think I was drinking too much wine with my friends while we were sewing. But, that's another story. I sewed buttons and yo-yo's over the mismatched points and now no one knows the difference! I took it to my quilt guild for show and tell and told them it was my quilt from hell, and everyone just went gaga over it. Go figure. They loved the little embellishments. The quilt still bugs me, but it's my husband's and many others' favorite! LOL


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