Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wow!!  An unbelievable event has happened in our household today. 
Are you ready for this?      ........

His quilt is DONE!!!!! 

 It is huge!  And it's the biggest quilt I've ever made.  94 x 106
I just threw it on the king size bed to get a picture of it since it's much to big to hold up and snap a pic. 
 These are the borders that I couldn't quilt without turning it on the frame. 
I've decided I really really like pantos best.   Wasn't too fond of the marking that I did on this but I do know that if I decide to mark again I will take my Juki off the frame and do the quilting on a table.  I just can't do the frame/ruler/follow the line style of quilting with my little setup. 
I do love my frame for panto quilting though so at least I have it for that. 
I did just a simple large meandering on the center of the quilt and I'm glad I decided on something simple.  I sure didn't want anything flowery or foofooy for this quilt. 

I'm glad it's finished!  


  1. Great job Linda. Well worth the wait! What an accomplishment - Congrats!

  2. HOORAY!!!!! I bet your hubby thought this day would never come ROFL. It's beautiful Linda!!


  3. It's just beautiful, Linda! It looks wonderful on the bed.


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