Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Talk about fast....

Three days!!
3 .... count them ..... 3 days!!
That's all it took to get the order I placed with Knots & Bolts. And the picture just does not do justice to the 'real life' fabrics.
Thanks Suzanne!
See all of those Fat Quarters in the back? 38 And only one duplicate! Awesome!
I am such a FQ pack rat.
I love them!!
I love to buy them!
I love to sort them.
I love to see them all lined up on my shelves.
I love dreaming of the quilts I will make with them.

Hummmmm I guess one day soon I probably should use a few.......

Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday Morning....

I played a bit with a few pics yesterday. This is one of my favorites. I've also added a couple more to my scrapbook album.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Knots and Bolts Sale....

Suzanne is having a sale and I've placed my order and now I'm placing an extra entry in the drawing which will be held on Jan 4th.

Now ..... since that's my birthday (and a very important one at that) I just want to let you all know that you really don't need to enter. That way .... I will win and have a really HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Everyone's gone....

Our Christmas is over. Everyone started for home yesterday morning and have all arrived safely. That's a relief since radar showed some weather that they had to drive through to get there.

It's really quiet around here now. I'm trying to get my thoughts in order and the house cleanup started. I'm doing much better about the house. (my thoughts, however, are swirling)
Laundry has been started and I've gotten several loads complete. Lysol sprayed (trying to conquer the cold and flu virus) and whether I'm doing any good is debatable .... but I think I am and that's what is important after all isn't it.
Actually the house is in really good shape since Deb did such a good job of cleaning up after everyone. Thanks! You have a backbone of steel girl!!
We still have a lot of leftover candies but what Scott doesn't finish off I'll stick in the freezer to enjoy later.
I think today the decorations (what few I did put up) will be taken down and packed away and I'll then be done with my domestic chores for awhile.

The quilts I made for everyone were all a big hit. And a surprise to a couple of the boys. I've got three (no four) more quilts to make for this year and then my immediate Must-Do list will be complete. I want each member of the family to have a snuggle quilt from me.

I placed an order for some fabric yesterday (gotta love clearance) and as soon as it arrives I'm going to start on a couple of baby quilts for the hospital. Our guild keeps the nursery supplied with baby quilts to be given to each newborn and they are in need of several for the first couple of months of the new year. So our guild needs to crank some out in a hurry.

Then I plan to put some of my UFO's on the frame that need to be quilted. I love piecing the tops....but they really need that next step to be finished.
Maybe I'll make a New Year To-Do List and challenge myself to see how much I can get finished this next year. Not that I really do better with challenges....but it's a thought.

Gosh I miss those sweet faces already......

Friday, December 19, 2008

Finally finished Friday....

Tomorrow we go pick up Scott and move him out of his dorm. First we'll do lunch with him....then he and Grandpa will carry everything to the truck. I will (of course) sit and direct. heehee
He has officially completed his collage courses now and has "Graduated". Yeah for him! We'll have a small party for him on Tuesday night to celebrate.
Now the poor kid has to go out in this cruel world and find his place. That's got to be scary. Especially now.

Tomorrow Deb & Jim arrive too. Jess comes Tues and Michael's family get here Wed. Evelin only has a couple of days off work so their trip won't be very long this year. But at least they get to be here for a short while. We still have cleaning to do before the whole bunch arrives but that won't take long.

I do have Danny's quilt off the frame now and ready to sew on the binding today. Then I'll be able to get the hand stitching finished this weekend.
Here's a quick pic and a closeup of the quilting.

This is the last quilt for Christmas this year.

Now I'm off to get the binding on.
Have a great day.

This is for you Jacquie..... Photobucket

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We have SNOW...

It snowed last night. And it is white out there.
Ok .... it really isn't much snow....but it IS snow after all. Probably around an inch. Enough to cover most everything. Certainly NOT enough to call a snow day. And not deep enough for me to go out to get a picture. And luckily NOT bad like so many other areas.

And OMGosh it has been cold!! It's warmer today. We're already up to 4 degrees above this morning. Yesterday we were gotta admit....that's warmer right? brrrrr
One more package wrapped and under the tree. Michael's quilt is all washed and dried and wrapped. One more to go! Danny's is on the frame and I've made a couple of passes on the quilting.
Speaking of the tree. Here's a Photoshoped pic just for fun.
Roflol Jessi. Pics and music! Come on girl...ya gotta keep up! hahaha

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas music...

I hope you enjoy my newest addition to my blog. (turn up your speakers)
I love Christmas music don't you.

Today we're off to a wedding. My childhood friend has found a guy that she wants to spend the rest of her life with. The best thing is.... they will be living just about 50 miles from me. He owns a farm and they plan to live there in the summer months so I'll get to see here more than just a quick visit every 5 years or so. Both of them lost their spouses and they became friend and the rest (as she says) is history.
Gotta go....

Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Rant....

Oh my poor brain! I don't like to work my poor brain this hard!!
At this age Poor brain has gotten much too comfy and set in its ways.
Poor brain doesn't like much change any more.
And it certainly doesn't like puzzles that it needs to figure out.
Which is exactly what I've had to do these last couple of days. Figure out a puzzle.
I've been trying to figure out which company I wanted to use for my Medicare supplement and... which do I want to use this year for my prescriptions. I have now come to the conclusion that for people like Don & I (who don't use many drugs) this Plan D is a crock. It's not the accessibility or the cost that bothers me. There are many reasonably priced plans available.
It's the penalty that would be applied if we DON'T enroll now and would later try to sign up. What a built in ripoff. Some body's pocket sure got fatter when our wonderful representatives in Washing finalized that bill that's for sure!!
But.... like the old saying goes....Can't fight city hall. It is what it is and if I don't like it I'd better just get over it.
So .... all the lines have been signed and the T's crossed and I's dotted and the paperwork is in the mail.
Decision made!
I'm moving on with life.
With a lot less money in my pocket now.

Yesterday the tv guy came to string cable to my sewing room so I will now be able to watch (listen) to tv while I'm back there. That will be nice.

I've been working on Danny's quilt a bit more. Today the borders go on then I'll get it on the frame to quilt. By golly....I just might get it done after all. Sheesh I'm sooooo slow!!
I also made the labels for both quilts and Michaels is stuck on and just have to stitch around it then throw it in the wash. I always love that. When I take it out of the dryer and see the REAL quilt for the first time.
There's just something about a good washing and drying that turns fabric into something to snuggle under.

Have a Great day everyone.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday morning....

Good morning all. The sun is coming up white gold this morning. As I sit here at my puter I see the sunrise each day and I'm amazed at the different colors that take place right outside my window.
Sometimes the sun rises in a blaze of color and sometimes it comes in quietly grey and soft.
Like today.

Nothing bright and flashy about the start of this sunrise.
Darkness quietly brightened to a white gold and gradually deepened into an orange glow as the moments passed.
And then as the sun was busting the horizon the soft golden glow gave way to ....
a bright burst of color!
And now as I write this the color has once again softened to a golden silver and the clouds have blended back to a soft grey.
The wind is calm and it's the start of a lovely day.
I've had my first cuppa and am now thinking of getting my eats.
....I've posted a few more layouts if you're interested.
.....The binding is all sewn on Michaels quilt and I'll get the label on later.
The tree is up and decorated so today we'll bring out the angels and nutcrackers and wreaths etc.
....Still packages to wrap (Jess where are you?) heehee
I'm off to check my mail and start my day.
Have a GREAT one.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas tree Napkins...

I've seen these napkins on several blogs these last few weeks and thought they were really cute. A few days ago I found a free pdf pattern (sorry I can't remember where) so decided to give them a try.
Super simple!! In just a couple of hours I had these all cut out and sewn together.
I did add the stitching around the edge to give it a bit more of a finished look. Also stitched along the fold lines so it will be easier to re-fold after washing. I like these a lot and may do more. They're quick ... easy.... and would make nice last minute gifts.
Still working on stitching down the binding on Michael's quilt. I only have about one side left to do so I'll keep plugging away at night while I'm watching tv. That is if I don't fall asleep first. heehee
My new printer came today. Boy that was fast!! But I've decided I'm going to wait till I use up the ink in my old one before I set up this new one. So I've printed off all of the layouts that I've made so far and that took quite a bit of ink. But I've still got almost half of the container left so this may take longer than I thought.
I think I'll go make another layout......
bye for now.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Another week begins....

So here it is .... the first day of the last month of this year. My goodness where has the time gone? And now only just a few days left till Christmas.
Criminy!!! I've got to get crackin!!

I've so been enjoying my Photoshop Elements 7. I'm learning a lot as I go and definately wanting to learn more. I've added layout pics to my Picasa and the link to the album is over there on the right >>>>>
Just click and it will open up all the layouts. There are a couple of new ones that I haven't shown yet. This is where I'll add them as they are finished. I may or may not post each one separately....but they will go in the album. So if you're interested you might want to check there occasionally I hope you enjoy!

Now I think I'd better get to that binding that still needs to be hand sewn down.