Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Rant....

Oh my poor brain! I don't like to work my poor brain this hard!!
At this age Poor brain has gotten much too comfy and set in its ways.
Poor brain doesn't like much change any more.
And it certainly doesn't like puzzles that it needs to figure out.
Which is exactly what I've had to do these last couple of days. Figure out a puzzle.
I've been trying to figure out which company I wanted to use for my Medicare supplement and... which do I want to use this year for my prescriptions. I have now come to the conclusion that for people like Don & I (who don't use many drugs) this Plan D is a crock. It's not the accessibility or the cost that bothers me. There are many reasonably priced plans available.
It's the penalty that would be applied if we DON'T enroll now and would later try to sign up. What a built in ripoff. Some body's pocket sure got fatter when our wonderful representatives in Washing finalized that bill that's for sure!!
But.... like the old saying goes....Can't fight city hall. It is what it is and if I don't like it I'd better just get over it.
So .... all the lines have been signed and the T's crossed and I's dotted and the paperwork is in the mail.
Decision made!
I'm moving on with life.
With a lot less money in my pocket now.

Yesterday the tv guy came to string cable to my sewing room so I will now be able to watch (listen) to tv while I'm back there. That will be nice.

I've been working on Danny's quilt a bit more. Today the borders go on then I'll get it on the frame to quilt. By golly....I just might get it done after all. Sheesh I'm sooooo slow!!
I also made the labels for both quilts and Michaels is stuck on and just have to stitch around it then throw it in the wash. I always love that. When I take it out of the dryer and see the REAL quilt for the first time.
There's just something about a good washing and drying that turns fabric into something to snuggle under.

Have a Great day everyone.

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