Monday, December 1, 2008

Another week begins....

So here it is .... the first day of the last month of this year. My goodness where has the time gone? And now only just a few days left till Christmas.
Criminy!!! I've got to get crackin!!

I've so been enjoying my Photoshop Elements 7. I'm learning a lot as I go and definately wanting to learn more. I've added layout pics to my Picasa and the link to the album is over there on the right >>>>>
Just click and it will open up all the layouts. There are a couple of new ones that I haven't shown yet. This is where I'll add them as they are finished. I may or may not post each one separately....but they will go in the album. So if you're interested you might want to check there occasionally I hope you enjoy!

Now I think I'd better get to that binding that still needs to be hand sewn down.

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