Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas tree Napkins...

I've seen these napkins on several blogs these last few weeks and thought they were really cute. A few days ago I found a free pdf pattern (sorry I can't remember where) so decided to give them a try.
Super simple!! In just a couple of hours I had these all cut out and sewn together.
I did add the stitching around the edge to give it a bit more of a finished look. Also stitched along the fold lines so it will be easier to re-fold after washing. I like these a lot and may do more. They're quick ... easy.... and would make nice last minute gifts.
Still working on stitching down the binding on Michael's quilt. I only have about one side left to do so I'll keep plugging away at night while I'm watching tv. That is if I don't fall asleep first. heehee
My new printer came today. Boy that was fast!! But I've decided I'm going to wait till I use up the ink in my old one before I set up this new one. So I've printed off all of the layouts that I've made so far and that took quite a bit of ink. But I've still got almost half of the container left so this may take longer than I thought.
I think I'll go make another layout......
bye for now.

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