Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Talk about fast....

Three days!!
3 .... count them ..... 3 days!!
That's all it took to get the order I placed with Knots & Bolts. And the picture just does not do justice to the 'real life' fabrics.
Thanks Suzanne!
See all of those Fat Quarters in the back? 38 And only one duplicate! Awesome!
I am such a FQ pack rat.
I love them!!
I love to buy them!
I love to sort them.
I love to see them all lined up on my shelves.
I love dreaming of the quilts I will make with them.

Hummmmm I guess one day soon I probably should use a few.......


  1. a duplicate!! ack! i thought I managed to get them all completely unique!!

    and sheesh, there should be 39, apparently i can't count.

    i'll send you another one tomorrow!

  2. Wow, Linda, I love those fat quarters. I also love to buy them and look at them, and occasionally use them to make something! :-)


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