Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We have SNOW...

It snowed last night. And it is white out there.
Ok .... it really isn't much snow....but it IS snow after all. Probably around an inch. Enough to cover most everything. Certainly NOT enough to call a snow day. And not deep enough for me to go out to get a picture. And luckily NOT bad like so many other areas.

And OMGosh it has been cold!! It's warmer today. We're already up to 4 degrees above this morning. Yesterday we were below....so gotta admit....that's warmer right? brrrrr
One more package wrapped and under the tree. Michael's quilt is all washed and dried and wrapped. One more to go! Danny's is on the frame and I've made a couple of passes on the quilting.
Speaking of the tree. Here's a Photoshoped pic just for fun.
Roflol Jessi. Pics and music! Come on girl...ya gotta keep up! hahaha

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