Monday, January 30, 2012

I sewed my last seam on the blocks last night and found one more goof that I had to redo but now they are all finished.
 Next up... the small border and I'm thinking I'll go with a dark brown to tie the borders together with the quilt.   Then the last pieced border.
By golly I think I'm going to make the final link-up party that Bonnie set for Feb 6th. least I'll have the top finished...the quilting will probably take at least another month before my gal can get it done.

Head on over to Judy's Design Wall Monday   and check out what some of the other quilters have been doing.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sometimes I do more than quilt.
Not often...but sometimes.
<<< See.... I made this
Actually it's the 6th scarf I've made and the 3rd one made with Bamboo yard.  I love this stuff!!   It is shimmery and slick but soft.
I still have one more color way to use (black/white) and then I'll try to make one stripped scarf out of all the leftovers.
Waste not...want not.  Isn't that what they say?

I crochet mostly.   Especially with this yarn.
I can knit...but not as well as I can crochet.  It's been too many years since I've knit that it just feels awkward to me.   But I did pick up a couple of skeins of worsted so I can try my hand at knitting again.

Maybe it will be like riding a'll all come back to me. ..... Maybe!

And then may not be pretty at all.
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Monday, January 23, 2012

I've had to slow down on my sewing time this week.  Hubby had surgery (hernia repair) on Monday morning and I had to do nurse duty.  They sure have changed the after care immediately after surgery these days.  We had to check into the hospital at 6:00 am and he went to surgery around 7:15.  By 10:00am we were in the car heading home!  We both felt like he just had a drive thru repair.  lol

I didn't get back to my CherryLime Mash until Friday late morning.  I did manage to get all my star blocks finished so then I started sewing the blocks in rows.
And....I quickly found out that this quilt needs my constant concentration to make sure all block pieces are oriented the correct way.
It didn't take long to frog my mistake.

So I'm heading back to sew.... You can head over to Judy's Design Wall Monday to see what some of the other quilters have been up to.

(edit)  O M Gosh!  Thank you Eden!!  I didn't see that so I'm sure glad I posted this pic.  How can a person look and look and look at a quilt and not see a mistake.  But just sew that baby together and BOOM.... there it is!  Well now I'm off to frog and resew
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I've been slowly plugging along on my CherryLime Mash (Orca Bay) and I've only got a few more brown stars to get finished and then I can start sewing this baby together.
I may be a slow sewer but I'm an impatient one for sure.   I'm always wanting to see what the finished project will look like in the end.

So I slapped a few border blocks up on the wall by the stars and watched it for awhile.
I wondered how those border blocks would look if I twisted them just a bit.
  Like this >>>. 
Ummm NO!   This is much to dark with the dark border.

So I pulled off the dark boarder and this was a little better (you have to pretend there is a white border in there).

This is OK but still didn't really jump up and down and scream "Look at Me"!

Soooo I played some more.....(remember, you're still pretending there is a small white border).... 

And TADA!!  THIS IS IT!  >>>>>>  

Now I'm going to really try hard to get this wonderful mystery finished in time for the final linkup the first part of Feb.

Thank you Bonnie for a great pattern... set together your way.... and finished my way.  
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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So where does all my time go????  Here I am again plodding along on Bonnie's Orca Bay.  (my CherryLime Mash) and all of a sudden it's Wednesday AGAIN!!
I have made some progress though.  All of the border blocks are made and now the only thing left to finish are the star blocks.  And I have all the pieces cut and half of the light blocks made.
So I decided to add a few more blocks to the wall so I can decide for sure how I want the final setting to be

This is Bonnie's setting: 
And I really like this one.  
It looks very balanced. 

And this is the alternate setting I'm thinking about.  When I have this one up on the design wall it really does show off the richness of all the dark browns.   And I really like that.

There will be a small white border between the blocks and the border...but I just slapped these up quickly to see how both settings tie into the border.

I'm really glad I did this exercise.  Because until I posted these pictures here on my blog I had pretty much made up my mind and I wanted this alternate setting.  
Well now! .............
When I'm wrong I'm more than willing to admit it.
And I'm wrong!
After seeing both of these together it is very clear to me that Bonnie's layout is the best after all.
Yes BOB you are right!!  So that probably means I should listen to you from now on.  I really will try!  LOL

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Some people really like to mess with my head!!  Now I've got songs looping in my head over & over.  Yes "Bob" I'm talking about YOU!!!  lol
How do you like this layout?
Well now!!  I sure don't see anything "wrong" with this.
Here's the other one to compare.
Criminy!  I like them BOTH!
Soooo This will take some pondering for sure to decide which layout I'll use.  What's your choice???  

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Don made a trip to the grocery store for a few items and came home with this for my birthday.  Yummmm!!
My day is almost complete.  Just a plate full of tamales and my Kindle will top this day off perfectly.

But until then I'm back to working on my Orca Bay CherryLime Mash.   I found just enough brown scraps to make a couple of the star blocks so I could at least see how this was going to look all together.  I'm super happy with my color choices.   Love those strings!!
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Sunday, January 1, 2012

CherryLime Mash

Even though I'm behind I'm still going to link to Bonnies blog one last time.  So grab your cup and head on over to check out the many different color compos and see how this all sets together.

I have finally finished Clue #4 (my pink strings - Bonnies red) and this is all that is left of the pink fabric I had pulled from my stash.   Since I didn't get to the LQS the other day like I wanted  I decided to send off an order to Connecting threads.  I need to replenish my dark chocolate browns and some more light pinks so I can make the stars.

And here are all the pretty little pinks cut and trimmed and waiting for the next step. 

I now have all clues #1 through #5 finished and I've started working on #7 geese.
I still need to make #6 stars when the fabric gets here but I think these geese will keep me busy till then.  I'm going slowly and carefully so I won't have to rip out along these strings.  That would not be a good thing!

I've decided to press my geese different than Bonnie's instructions.  She said to press toward the dark...but that just wants to lay that little white triangle point back on itself with too much bulk so I pressed toward my pinks (bottom right).  I've checked the final layout and it doesn't look like it will make a difference so I'm going to go ahead with this pressing.  The seam just lays better I think.  

I am so loving this mystery and I'm so glad I chose these colors even though I don't "see" any Orca's and definitely no "ocean or sunset" sooooo I've decided I'll be calling my quilt CherryLime Mash.  MMM Yum!  That fits!

Oh I almost forgot!!  It's Design Wall Monday at Judy's so check out what others have been working on lately.   I'm going to watch the Parade!!  Finally!! 
Thanks for stopping by....Linda

Thanks for stopping by....Linda