Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So where does all my time go????  Here I am again plodding along on Bonnie's Orca Bay.  (my CherryLime Mash) and all of a sudden it's Wednesday AGAIN!!
I have made some progress though.  All of the border blocks are made and now the only thing left to finish are the star blocks.  And I have all the pieces cut and half of the light blocks made.
So I decided to add a few more blocks to the wall so I can decide for sure how I want the final setting to be

This is Bonnie's setting: 
And I really like this one.  
It looks very balanced. 

And this is the alternate setting I'm thinking about.  When I have this one up on the design wall it really does show off the richness of all the dark browns.   And I really like that.

There will be a small white border between the blocks and the border...but I just slapped these up quickly to see how both settings tie into the border.

I'm really glad I did this exercise.  Because until I posted these pictures here on my blog I had pretty much made up my mind and I wanted this alternate setting.  
Well now! .............
When I'm wrong I'm more than willing to admit it.
And I'm wrong!
After seeing both of these together it is very clear to me that Bonnie's layout is the best after all.
Yes BOB you are right!!  So that probably means I should listen to you from now on.  I really will try!  LOL

Thanks for stopping by....Linda


  1. I found I like the blue/green blocks pointing to the light Ohio's too on mine too, it really depends on the tones used.
    Great job, it's going to be beautiful!

  2. I too have been working on this quilt. I have had to redo blocks because of my machine decided to have Alzheimer's by forgetting to stay with the quarter inch. Lol, that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it. Hopefully I will be able tp post my accomplishments soon. Your quilt is very colorful, great job!

  3. I like the colors you chose. They're very refreshing - like a Sonic cherry limeaide!

  4. I'm not sure that my way is WRONG - but it is DIFFERENT. I think I might fiddle with the direction of the blue/green corners and the border blocks - see what happens. ;))

    A Left-Handed Quilter
    aka BOB

  5. Whatever way you put them together will be beautiful, Linda.

  6. They are both beautiful and give such different results. Go with your eye and you will always be happy! Great job!!

  7. You have done a wonderful job with Bonnie's blocks and I LOVE your colors.


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