Tuesday, May 27, 2008

After the weekend....

I got home Sunday noon and it was such a pretty day. Don & I sat out for a bit before unloading the car. My poor snowball bush sure did get the worse of the storm. I'm not sure it is going to make it. It was loaded with big fat blooms when the heavy rains and wind hit. It now looks pretty pitiful....all bent over and broken and twisted.
We'll wait till it loses it's blossoms and see if it straightens up.
If it doesn't.....well....to everything there is a season.
And my Oriental Poppy's are blooming.....

While at our Mag 7 get-together I found a really cute baby quilt kit at the Buttonhole. It has such bright cheery fun fabrics and after checking the amount of fabrics in the kit I realized I could make two quilts if I just bought a bit more border fabric.
So I did and here's the first top finished.
I think I'll get the 2nd one put together today so I can put them both on the frame. Our quilt guild donates baby quilts for the hospital nursery so the new mom's can pick the one they want. This is me doing my part. :)

The floor is finished and the cupboards are all loaded full again. I love the feel of the tile under my bare feet. I definitely will replace the BIG rugs with something much smaller. Don't want to hide the floor after all.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Today's the day....

My bags are packed....the car is loaded with machines and quilting *stuff* and I'm just calmly spending my time on here until it's time to head to McPherson.

The tile guys are here and my kitchen floor is now in the process of being renewed.!!

Don is mowing the yard and the doors and windows are open so the smell of cut grass is filling the house. I have my ice water handy and have been blog reading for awhile now.

Which brings me to one of the blogs I visited this morning. Marsha from Threadbender posted a "Tag - Your it" so I guess now I have been tagged too. So here are my answers....
5 things you would find in my purse.
...clutch with my checkbook and cards and money
...cell phone
...lip gloss
...tube of lotion

5 things in my room which I would interpret as 'My Sewing Room'.
...sewing machine
...quilting frame
...fabric, fabric, fabric

5 things I have always wanted to do.
...Visit Louisiana
...travel to each United States.
...sky dive (with an instructor of course) :)
...Go to Holland
...make a masterpiece.

5 things I'm currently into.
...making a quilt for each of my family members
...Redwork, Blackwork
...enjoying my garden and bird watching

Well there you go. Now you're IT...you have been Tagged!

Have a beautiful day.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

3 more days....

And I'll be on my way to our 2nd Mag 7 quilting gathering. Mary, Dee, Donna and I are meeting in McPherson Wednesday afternoon and will stay till Sunday morning. We have one of the meeting rooms reserved so we can set up all our *stuff* and sew to our hearts desire. Will sure miss not having Jacquie, Debbie and Karen. Hopefully someday we will have the chance to ALL be together.

The new floor in the kitchen will be installed on Wed. Don will be staying home so he can oversee the tile guys. heehee Yeah right! I will be sooooo glad to get rid of this G-awful floor!

The quilting is finished on Kianna's quilt. I'm going to sew on the binding and then take it out to the patio to start the hand stitching.
Sitting in the shade listening to the birds
with a slight breeze blowing
just enough to keep the buzzies away
is good for the soul.
Have a happy Spring Sunday....

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Gosh I didn't realize how long it has been since I'd posted last. Sorry .... I'll try to do better.
I'm almost finished quilting Kianna's quilt. Probably just another two passes on the panto to do and I'll get those done today and start on binding. I think I'll use the leftover fabric and make her a baby quilt for her dolls.

Yesterday I took a walk thru the backyard and look what I found.... Deb I can't wait for you to come so you can relax and enjoy it for days on end. Bring a really good book.

Click to play My Spring Garden
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Thursday, May 8, 2008

finished top....

I've finished Kianna's quilt top this morning. Just have to put it on the frame and get it quilted.
I will for sure have it completed by the time we go see them.

I've also found a new *toy* to play with. It's called Smilebox. I made this quilt presentation with it. Fun and super easy and the best part....it's Free!
Just click the arrows in the bottom right of the screen to flip through the pages and see all the pics.

Click to play Kianna's quilt top
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Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's a Yellow day....

I've been doing a bit of Blog reading lately and this morning I ran across a blog by Angela called Cottage Magpie. She's having a Color Challenge and the month of May is Yellow.
Well.... I looked around and thought to myself....I don't have yellow!
So just to be sure I walked through the house to find anything that was yellow.
That's all I could find. Yep I need a bit more yellow. A little more sunshine!!
Maybe I could make something for the wall...... Something bright and cheery. Something yellow.
So.... I've just gone to my fabric stash .... and I have (maybe) under 10 yellow fat quarters . And that might be stretching it. Goodness...with that little bit I'm going to have to stretch to think of something to make.