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I've had a few requests about how I border my tumblers in the center of the quilt.  So I thought maybe it would be a good idea to set up a tutorial.

First I decide whether I want the beginning & ending blocks to show as 'background' or more assorted tumblers to continue each row.   
This is the first quilt I made and each tumbler row had a different split tumbler. 

For the rest of this tutorial I'll show the split tumblers as a background.  
Once I know how many rows I will have in my quilt I will then cut that many more tumblers out of the 'background' fabric.  
(Only one tumbler per row).  

Then I fold each background tumbler in half and lightly press it 

so I can cut it in half easily.  

One half goes on the beginning of the row and the other half goes on the end of that same row.   Now here is where you need to pay attention to which side each piece is sewn to AND whether it is sewn on this way or upside down.  Because every other row will be flipped.

I know that the straight edge always goes to the outside of the row.
 <<<So in this picture that left side will be sewn to the end of the row and the right side will start the row.  In the following picture the tumbler has been flipped.

It's very easy to get them switched so I just try to lay out the first 'block' with the split tumbler along side just to see it it's oriented the right way.  Then I know that other side goes on the end.  

Once I have all the sides finished I will add a top and bottom border.  I usually cut those strips at 2.5"
That takes care of the center of the quilt.  
Add borders as desired.

Just another note:  I usually use the 'background' setting when I'm running short of tumbler fabric and I'm trying to stretch the quilt.  

I hope this has helped.  
And here are pictures of a few of the tumbler quilts I've made.  

without background.

with background.

another background.  

And I used white for this background


  1. Thanks, that really makes sense. Now I just have to make another tumbler quilt so I can try it.

  2. I just ran across your tumbler tutorial and now I want to make one of these out of my scraps. I like yours a lot. If only I could live to be 200 so I can use up my stash!!! :) Thanks for sharing.

  3. I just saw this today and I love the background on them! Sure changes it up, doesn't it!


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