Friday, December 14, 2012

Shaded 4-patch ..... My Way...

I've been catching up with Bonnie's Easy Street mystery these last couple of days.
Clue #2 flying geese: done!

I don't have the strips at the ready like Bonnie does so even though I pull lots of different fabrics to go scrappy.... I still have to cut from larger pieces of fabric to get the pieces I need.  So if I'm going to cut larger anyway....I figure I might as well make them easier too.
So after seeing a link posted on quiltvillechat showing how to make an alternate shaded 4-patch by Stitching Circle .... I just had to check it out.
This sounded like just what I was looking for.....except those bias edges on the cut triangles.
So I thought about it and came up with my addition to that tutorial.   I followed her measurements and sewing instructions from #1 through #5.

BUT.....I did not cut my 4-patch at this time.  Instead this is my version.....

#6.  My 4-patch measures 3½" x 4¼" so I cut rectangles out of my turquoise fabric to layer on top.

#7 In order to draw the angle that would be needed I had to turn the easy angle over and line up the bottom measurements.  Draw a line on the wrong side of the fabric as shown in 2nd picture.  

#8 Layer the rectangle on top of the 4-patch and pin to secure.  

#9.  Sew ¼" along each side of the drawn line.    

Then cut along that drawn line.

and press open......two blocks made and NO BIAS to work with!

Clue #3 Shaded 4-patch: done!

I know I'm late to post this for most people but I'll link it to *My Tutorial* page at the top of my blog.   Maybe it will come in handy in the future.  

I hope you're having a great day. Glad you stopped by.....Linda

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  1. Great tutorial - I LOVE how there are SO many different ways to make the same thing. I use another variation with die-cut HST - same result - ;))


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