Friday, December 7, 2012

Block Base Sew-Along #5

I have managed to get a few hours in my sewing room this week.  I did do cutting and sewing for Clue #2 from Bonnie's Easy Street Mystery.  Haven't finished all of the flying geese but I've made a good dent.  More about that later....

I've just posted my latest Block Base Sew-Along block here.   These are my 4" blocks.
So cute!  And fun to get together.   Here is my block this time.  Looks kinda Christmasy doesn't it.  I really didn't do that on purpose.  But I guess my mind was in the season.  haha

I hope you're having a great day. Glad you stopped by.....Linda


  1. Good that you felt up to doing a little sewing, Linda. Maybe all that Christmas hub-bub going on all around was seeping in subconsciously?

    Pretty block!


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I hope you're having a great day....Linda