Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's been smelling a lot like Christmas around our house these last few days.
I've been baking and yesterday I made four Pumpkin breads & three Zucchini breads.
I've wrapped and frozen the loaves to be pulled out by Monday so we can nibble to our hearts desire next week.

I've found so many candy & cookie recipes that I've pinned just for this season.
One of them was Peppermint Patties.
Here's the Pin for the recipe.
However I changed the 1to2 cups melted Chocolate Chips to mostly white bark with just a few chips to color the coating a bit.  I found the plain chocolate chips just didn't set hard enough.   The recipe calls to keep them frozen.  But that just wouldn't do around our house.  We set all candies & breads out on the buffet and we graze for days.  So melting chocolate and little fingers just won't do.  The bark sets up nicely.
I used a small melon ball spoon to make the peppermint centers.
Then flattened them between some cling wrap.
And stuck them all on a cookie sheet to go into the freezer for at least an hour.

I melted the chocolate and started dipping and guess what?  
Yep!  I forgot to get a picture of the dipping process.  
But just let me assure you....these definitely pass the taste test for sure!
In the freezer they went before I made myself sick.  ;-)

Also made four loaves of English Muffin Bread and .... Honey Butter Ambrosia
 Ohhhh Myyyy Goodnessssss!!!!   

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