Monday, September 26, 2011

It's Monday.
I have a new quilting room and a new project on my design wall.
Even though I'm way behind on the challenges I really do want to continue trying to make something for each month of  Judy's Monochromatic Challenge.    

So here is my "Indigo" project for June.  This is a 15" block and I'm making 4 blocks for a table topper.  I really didn't think I'd be able to find this color in my stash but as I was shifting piles around I found the solid and then surprise, surprise the little flower fabric was sticking out.  It's some of my stash that's just plain older than dirt....but does work occasionally.
The pattern was featured on Craftsy and comes from Quilters Cache called Milky Way.
I can't post this to the June Monochromatic board since it is closed but I'll be adding it here on my page...and I can at least add it to Judy's Design Wall Monday.
Go by her place and see what some of the other quilters are working on.

Thanks for catching that for me Eden.  Thankfully most of these pieces on the wall hadn't been actually sewn together when I took the picture.  I must confess that when I started sewing that one piece turned into two more before I finally got the whole block set the way it is supposed to be.
<-----Here is the right block.  LOL
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Saturday, September 24, 2011

One more UFO finished!

When I first started quilting I spent that first year trying to make as many BOM's as I could find.  That was a very good learning experience for sure.
I found out that some of the fabric choices that I thought would be nice together .... wasn't!
I think I was just trying to make the fabrics all matchy matchy and hadn't yet learned about sparkle.
Here is a great example of one of my non-sparkle quilts and it's been in my UFO pile for 5 years now.  (this is not an accurate depiction of the colors.  They are darker and browner)

I've decided that every home needs a quilt just for the warmth and the simple fact that it will be there to throw on the bed "under" a prettier quilt.

Yep!  This is my "Under" quilt finally finished.

I had a local gal (who was just getting started with a computer driven system) do the quilting and it turned out to be really big and not as close as I like but it's enough to hold everything together.  And more importantly .... it's done!
<---- this is the back.

I finished the binding by machine on this quilt and if I do say so myself ... it turned out just pretty darn good.  Maybe I'll think about this more often instead of finishing the binding by hand.  Sure a LOT faster!!

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Friday, September 23, 2011

I finished this quilt the end of January and at that time I was going to quilt it myself.  But since then I've found someone that will quilt my tops and this one is now finished.
I love what she did so I want to show some of quilting that she did.  I really appreciate all the work she put in on this but we both agree that the fabrics are much to busy and the motifs don't show up as much as they should.  Oh well!  I know they're there and I know they are awesome and in the end that's what's important.  Thanks Bonnie!
Now go grab a cup and sit back and enjoy her work.....

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I've finished another scarf today that I made using Bamboo yarn.  Even tho this yarn is a bit more difficult to use because it's so slick...I just love the feel and the look of a project when finished.  I don't think I'd try to knit with it but I can easily crochet it.
I did my own thing as far as a pattern went.  I cast on as many stitches that I thought would work and then did a simple double crochet + 2 stitches until I reached the length I wanted.
I have one more colorway of the bamboo yarn to use so I'll go searching for another easy pattern.

It's a cool 61 degrees today and BBQ ribs are in the crock pot.  I'm heading back to my quilting room to attach binding to a quilt that has been much too long in the UFO pile.  And since it's a rather ugly quilt (the 2nd quilt I made and didn't choose the right fabrics) I've decided to do all the binding by machine.
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Monday, September 19, 2011

This is the Cinnamon Rolls quilt that I have just finished and have posted about here & here.    OMGosh!  I started this two years ago!!
Now to get the backing sewn together and I'll send it out to be quilted.  It turned out to be about 90 x 100.

And if you want to see what some of the other gals have on their Design Walls this Monday...head on over to Judy's Patchwork Times.

I finally have a bigger design wall that I can use to actually support a larger quilt.
I'm pretty short and the top is up as far as I can reach on the wall and the bottom is still puddling on the floor.  But I'm just tickled that I have moved the design wall so that I can use it for bigger quilts.

In fact Hubby has been helping me rearrange the quilting room and re-purposing my New Joy Gold quilting frame.  Because of my bad back I haven't used the frame this last year since it's just too painful trying to load a quilt and then reachingout to quilt it.
I didn't think I could get very much out of it if I tried to sell it so I decide to keep the the frame because I really do use the panto top to measure my borders for each quilt.
Soooo the frame has turned into a base for a counter to put my Juki and serger on.  Everything is still a WIP and as soon as I finish finding a home for everything and getting cleaned up I'll post some pics of my new space.

Happy Monday.....Thanks for stopping by....