Saturday, September 24, 2011

One more UFO finished!

When I first started quilting I spent that first year trying to make as many BOM's as I could find.  That was a very good learning experience for sure.
I found out that some of the fabric choices that I thought would be nice together .... wasn't!
I think I was just trying to make the fabrics all matchy matchy and hadn't yet learned about sparkle.
Here is a great example of one of my non-sparkle quilts and it's been in my UFO pile for 5 years now.  (this is not an accurate depiction of the colors.  They are darker and browner)

I've decided that every home needs a quilt just for the warmth and the simple fact that it will be there to throw on the bed "under" a prettier quilt.

Yep!  This is my "Under" quilt finally finished.

I had a local gal (who was just getting started with a computer driven system) do the quilting and it turned out to be really big and not as close as I like but it's enough to hold everything together.  And more importantly .... it's done!
<---- this is the back.

I finished the binding by machine on this quilt and if I do say so myself ... it turned out just pretty darn good.  Maybe I'll think about this more often instead of finishing the binding by hand.  Sure a LOT faster!!

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