Thursday, August 18, 2011

I am soooo tickled!!  I just have to show what I bought today......

Isn't that just the cutest thing?
It's a Jim Shore and only about 4" high.

I was in our local Ace Hardware store looking for a wedding gift and while the gal was wrapping the gift I started browsing around their gift section.
And There It Was!  SO CUTE!

Look at what's inside......

Here's more closeups.

And here's the best part..... They carry Jim Shore all the time!!  
Happy dancing!  

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Monday, August 15, 2011


  So it's a new week and that means it's Design Wall Monday over at Judy's Patchwork Times and believe it or not I actually have something on my wall to show.
I know, I know it's not something new...but I have decided to finally get this one finished. 
(I need a bigger wall).
 I first posted about this quilt way back in Oct 09.  I've said over and over that I'm slow!  But Good Grief....

 So far I'm in the process of sewing two blocks together then I'll sew those into rows...and rows...and rows etc.

If you haven't read this yet or seen the movie....what in the world are you waiting for?
This is a wonderful story set in 1962 Mississippi.
I'm sure by now you've heard about it so i'm going to spare you more description.  But just in case you want to read some reviews you can check these out.  (Scroll down to read the Customer Reviews)
I will just say....Read it!  And if you don't read....go to the movie!
It's that good.
Well at least I think so....

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Monday, August 1, 2011

I've finally finished the Monochromatic Red top.  Betcha didn't think I'd ever get done huh?  lol  Well there was a time where I wasn't sure I would either.  Now I have to give it a good pressing and de-string the back then get it sent off to my longarmer so she can do her magic.  

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