Sunday, August 22, 2010

What a memorable day yesterday was!  They were all heading to K-State to move Alivia into the dorm for her first day of collage life and....around noon two deer ran across the road right into their path!  The back one didn't make it.  You wouldn't think such a small deer would wipe out his grill and fender and buckle the hood and cracked the windshield.  Stupid animals!!

Sooooo...Dan called us to bring our pickup so they could transfer everything so they could go on and get her moved in.  Liv's boyfriend had been driving ahead of them and she called him and he came back for her and some of her clothes and they went on ahead.
  Thankfully there was a big tree providing shade and a nice breeze to keep the bugs away because it took us over two hours to get to them.      

AND.... Bethany's new hair color!  In the sun it just glows.  Copper.  Very pretty.

We're heading out with the camper in the morning for a few days.  Just to get re-acquainted with it after almost two years not using it.  I'm taking books to read and some blackwork embroidery.  No sewing machine or laptop this time. 
Just quiet.