Monday, July 9, 2012

WooHoo!!  Decision made!
And I'm using none of the ideas from last week.
Well....maybe just one little idea that I liked I'm keeping.

After all that playing around with those assorted strips....and your very generous suggestions (thank you very much)..... I just wasn't moved by that design.
You see, I really like this fabric line and I'm super pleased with this pattern and I want to expand this quilt to a nice generous Queen size.
I also know that I don't want to just slap a bunch of plain borders on it to make it bigger like I usually do.
I want the borders to make their own statement yet compliment the Bento Box without swallowing it up.
Soooo I went back to the drawing board (which I don't actually have) and came up with a whole new idea.
I know!  I know!!  But that's what my mind does best....Change!

Here's the start of the new design for the borders that I'll be sewing for awhile.
1" strips sewn together to measure 3½" squares and 2" squares to make a four patch.

So now it looks like this will take me awhile to get finished with all the piecing I'll be doing.... so for now I'm heading over to link up with Judy's Design Wall.
Join me there..... and....
Thanks for stopping by....Linda

Monday, July 2, 2012

Design wall update.

So I've put up some small pieces to decide how I want the borders.  These are some of the test strips.  Even though the final red border will be at least 8" or 10" I'n using this smaller red strip just for this test.

I kinda like the dark blue ¼" flange look on each side.  
But I don't like the green (upper left) or the darker yellow center (upper right).  
The light yellow is ok but it really doesn't seem to pull the yellow out of the red border to tie it all together.  
The light blue is nice though.  
 I think I like it a lot.  Maybe!  

So then I changed it all around and put up just a small plain dark blue stop border and it seems to work too.  
It's a safe finish and very normal.
But .... I'm thinking I want something just a bit not normal.  

Hummmm???  I'm leaning: dark flange - 2½" light blue - dark flange.  

What do you think??  

oh and about the stripe fabric...It will be used as the binding since that's what I bought it for in the first place.  And because my friend thought I should.  ;o)
Thanks for stopping by....Linda
This is still on my Design wall.  
It really should have been done days ago.... but I've been in a slump.
I feel like a sloth.
Maybe even slower than a sloth.

But I did at least get these blocks all trimmed and sewn together.  
Just need to get the rows sewn and then I have to decide on the borders.  
Paradise Cherry
I know for sure I'm going to use this fabric for a large 8" or 10" border but I'm still uncertain about whether I want to add a 2" stop border around these blocks.  

Beach Stripe
Beach Stripe
I do have this stripe fabric I could use....maybe....but I'm not sure I'm really sold on it for that small border.  
And I don't think any of the other fabrics would do it justice either.
Maybe a black & white check would work.  
Or a black/white stripe.  
Or maybe just a plain white.
Or maybe no 2" border at all.
I guess I'll start playing with different stripes and see what grabs me.
Any suggestions?

Oh.... I almost forgot.  I'm heading over to Judy's Design Wall Monday to link up.  
Come on over and join us.    
Thanks for stopping by....Linda

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Last week as I was blog hopping I saw Kathy post (here) about linking to her blog with any hand stitching that we may be doing.  So that jolted me into remembering that I had just a few more blocks to finish on my Bushel of Baskets embroidery.    I had to dig around a bit before I found the block I had stopped working on.
And this will be just the thing to keep my hands busy while I'm watching all the athletes trying so hard to make Americas Team to head to the Olympics.   Amazing dedication!!   I love the Olympics!!!

This is the 11th block that I've made so far and if you'd like to see the others I have a page up there titled Embroidery.  The info there (as to how many I will make) may or may not be accurate since I have been known to change my mind occasionally.  
Now I'm going over to link up at Kathy's Quilts - Hand Stitching.   Come on over to see what others are working on.    
Thanks for stopping by....Linda