Monday, July 2, 2012

This is still on my Design wall.  
It really should have been done days ago.... but I've been in a slump.
I feel like a sloth.
Maybe even slower than a sloth.

But I did at least get these blocks all trimmed and sewn together.  
Just need to get the rows sewn and then I have to decide on the borders.  
Paradise Cherry
I know for sure I'm going to use this fabric for a large 8" or 10" border but I'm still uncertain about whether I want to add a 2" stop border around these blocks.  

Beach Stripe
Beach Stripe
I do have this stripe fabric I could use....maybe....but I'm not sure I'm really sold on it for that small border.  
And I don't think any of the other fabrics would do it justice either.
Maybe a black & white check would work.  
Or a black/white stripe.  
Or maybe just a plain white.
Or maybe no 2" border at all.
I guess I'll start playing with different stripes and see what grabs me.
Any suggestions?

Oh.... I almost forgot.  I'm heading over to Judy's Design Wall Monday to link up.  
Come on over and join us.    
Thanks for stopping by....Linda


  1. A stop border would provide a good visual break, but I think the stripe is too distracting. What about a tone-on-tone that picks up a color in both the blocks and the floral? Yellow, maybe.

  2. I would suggest a small dark blue border.Good luck with your choice.
    Jane in Hot Kansas

  3. I was going to say a white inner border because that's what I have on my "Jelly Beans" - with the green version of "Riviera" - but I think that I like the "yellow" suggestion better - or maybe the lighter green. Then I'd use the stripe for the binding - or maybe put some of it on the back - ;))

  4. How about the stripe for the binding? I love stripey bindings! I feel slothish too...I think its our heat..and my son playing 2 sports at once. And I have to sit thru ALL OF the heat. UGH


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