Sunday, July 1, 2012

Last week as I was blog hopping I saw Kathy post (here) about linking to her blog with any hand stitching that we may be doing.  So that jolted me into remembering that I had just a few more blocks to finish on my Bushel of Baskets embroidery.    I had to dig around a bit before I found the block I had stopped working on.
And this will be just the thing to keep my hands busy while I'm watching all the athletes trying so hard to make Americas Team to head to the Olympics.   Amazing dedication!!   I love the Olympics!!!

This is the 11th block that I've made so far and if you'd like to see the others I have a page up there titled Embroidery.  The info there (as to how many I will make) may or may not be accurate since I have been known to change my mind occasionally.  
Now I'm going over to link up at Kathy's Quilts - Hand Stitching.   Come on over to see what others are working on.    
Thanks for stopping by....Linda


  1. These are gorgeous basket blocks Linda! I don't think I've ever seen embroidery done in black. Maybe you'll set a new trend?!
    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Your baskets are wonderful Linda! I love blackwork and hope to start one of my own someday. I've got a bluework project going that will keep me busy for quite a while though!

  3. I love your baskets!!! Aren't you happy to be working on them again!
    I'm having fun exploring your blog.
    Thanks for visiting me.

  4. BEAUTIFUL work! And if you change your mind "occasionally" - you're way better than me - I seem to change my mind "constantly" - ;))

  5. Looks like a great project to keep your hands busy while watching the Olympics. The black thread gives your basket a very elegant look.

  6. Your baskets are gorgeous. I don't think I have ever seen embroidery done in just black before...what a wonderful project.

  7. What a lovely piece of blackwork. I agree that this is a great incentive to get on with an old or forgotten project.

  8. That looks great, Linda, and reminds me that I need to pull my baskets out and get busy.


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