Monday, July 2, 2012

Design wall update.

So I've put up some small pieces to decide how I want the borders.  These are some of the test strips.  Even though the final red border will be at least 8" or 10" I'n using this smaller red strip just for this test.

I kinda like the dark blue ¼" flange look on each side.  
But I don't like the green (upper left) or the darker yellow center (upper right).  
The light yellow is ok but it really doesn't seem to pull the yellow out of the red border to tie it all together.  
The light blue is nice though.  
 I think I like it a lot.  Maybe!  

So then I changed it all around and put up just a small plain dark blue stop border and it seems to work too.  
It's a safe finish and very normal.
But .... I'm thinking I want something just a bit not normal.  

Hummmm???  I'm leaning: dark flange - 2½" light blue - dark flange.  

What do you think??  

oh and about the stripe fabric...It will be used as the binding since that's what I bought it for in the first place.  And because my friend thought I should.  ;o)
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  1. Aw man!! I don't like the green or the dark yellow or the light yellow or the light blue - but I DO like the darker blue - that kinda just STOPS the blocks - like it should - ;)) Maybe the dark blue at 2-1/2" ??????????? But it might just be me - I tend to go darker on my borders - just habit, I guess - ;))

  2. I like the last one those cheery fabric some contrast. Don't you LOVE design walls and 'auditioning fabrics'? I think that was one of my big AH HA moments in quilting. I have three design walls now! lol

  3. I like the dark blue stop border, but I see that my comments comes after you have decided what you are going to do, so I'll move on to that post.


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