Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I've finished another scarf today that I made using Bamboo yarn.  Even tho this yarn is a bit more difficult to use because it's so slick...I just love the feel and the look of a project when finished.  I don't think I'd try to knit with it but I can easily crochet it.
I did my own thing as far as a pattern went.  I cast on as many stitches that I thought would work and then did a simple double crochet + 2 stitches until I reached the length I wanted.
I have one more colorway of the bamboo yarn to use so I'll go searching for another easy pattern.

It's a cool 61 degrees today and BBQ ribs are in the crock pot.  I'm heading back to my quilting room to attach binding to a quilt that has been much too long in the UFO pile.  And since it's a rather ugly quilt (the 2nd quilt I made and didn't choose the right fabrics) I've decided to do all the binding by machine.
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