Monday, September 26, 2011

It's Monday.
I have a new quilting room and a new project on my design wall.
Even though I'm way behind on the challenges I really do want to continue trying to make something for each month of  Judy's Monochromatic Challenge.    

So here is my "Indigo" project for June.  This is a 15" block and I'm making 4 blocks for a table topper.  I really didn't think I'd be able to find this color in my stash but as I was shifting piles around I found the solid and then surprise, surprise the little flower fabric was sticking out.  It's some of my stash that's just plain older than dirt....but does work occasionally.
The pattern was featured on Craftsy and comes from Quilters Cache called Milky Way.
I can't post this to the June Monochromatic board since it is closed but I'll be adding it here on my page...and I can at least add it to Judy's Design Wall Monday.
Go by her place and see what some of the other quilters are working on.

Thanks for catching that for me Eden.  Thankfully most of these pieces on the wall hadn't been actually sewn together when I took the picture.  I must confess that when I started sewing that one piece turned into two more before I finally got the whole block set the way it is supposed to be.
<-----Here is the right block.  LOL
Thanks for stopping by....

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  1. That is a great bold, graphic block for those strong fabrics. I do see one hst that is not oriented correctly (pinwheel on the right side, middle row, outside hst. Nothing like the design wall to catch what looks totally normal not the sewing table!


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