Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Monday morning and according to's time to show what's on my design wall.  I've already posted about these blocks way back in Oct last year when I decided it was perfectly ok to press some seams open.  (The quilt police aren't going to come and get me) lol
Way back when.....I got all the fabric cut and a few blocks set together and then set them aside.  I've worked on them a little bit over these last months but not really consistantly.  So I pulled them out again the other day and decided to get a bit farther along on it and set a few more blocks together.
They really are an easy block and I love the colors so I don't know what is making me take so long.  Ever time I start to work on it .... I get side-tracked and move onto something else.  

Like for instance.... I need to run to the LQS to pick up some fabric for some place-mats I made yesterday.   I played with a package of older Country Essentials charm pack and now I don't have anything in my stash that will work with them.  lol  I need to add borders and binding etc.   Soooooo


  1. Neat blocks! I often press my seams open to get blocks to lay flatter. WIth the amount of quilting I usually do, I'm sure the open seams will be fine.

  2. I often press seams open if there's a lot of bulk, too. Especially if I am having the quilt quilted by a long-armer, I feel confident the quilting will hold that seam together nicely. Very pretty.

  3. I love that block! So interesting with lots of movement. I would love to see the finished product!


  4. Oh, its a real shame that you have to go to the LQS....I feel really bad for you ROFL. Love the project on your wall :0)

    Oh, love the new look of your blog too!!


  5. Very pretty! I will have to draft that block and try it.


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