Tuesday, April 13, 2010

 Each month I look forward to Shannon's new block.  We're 1/2 way done with the BOM blocks now and I'm still contemplating what I really want to do about the center applique'.  Oh well...I'm sure something will grab me one day. 
Today I set this new block together called Twirling Star.  Mine looks quite a bit different than hers for sure.  Here's the link to the BOM  group on Flickr if you're interested in seeing how everyone is interpreting her blocks.  A lot of pretty's for sure!!

I've been playing around with some of the leftover triangle trimmings that I have saved from other projects.  I have no idea what they will wind up being used for....but I don't think I can actually call myself a true quilter if I don't save them. 
And I so want to be a true quilter.  lol
Soooo I grabbed a handful and spent a few hours pressing them open and squaring them up.  I now have a very small pile of half-square triangles all ready to go.  Somewhere!!   There's still many more to do but I get bored quickly and need to change directions. 
Soooo now I'm here in blogland. 


  1. Oooo I really love this block, your choice of fabrics really gives the illusion of the star spinning.


  2. Very pretty! An interesting combination of colors that really works.


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