Sunday, May 18, 2008

3 more days....

And I'll be on my way to our 2nd Mag 7 quilting gathering. Mary, Dee, Donna and I are meeting in McPherson Wednesday afternoon and will stay till Sunday morning. We have one of the meeting rooms reserved so we can set up all our *stuff* and sew to our hearts desire. Will sure miss not having Jacquie, Debbie and Karen. Hopefully someday we will have the chance to ALL be together.

The new floor in the kitchen will be installed on Wed. Don will be staying home so he can oversee the tile guys. heehee Yeah right! I will be sooooo glad to get rid of this G-awful floor!

The quilting is finished on Kianna's quilt. I'm going to sew on the binding and then take it out to the patio to start the hand stitching.
Sitting in the shade listening to the birds
with a slight breeze blowing
just enough to keep the buzzies away
is good for the soul.
Have a happy Spring Sunday....

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