Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sometimes I do more than quilt.
Not often...but sometimes.
<<< See.... I made this
Actually it's the 6th scarf I've made and the 3rd one made with Bamboo yard.  I love this stuff!!   It is shimmery and slick but soft.
I still have one more color way to use (black/white) and then I'll try to make one stripped scarf out of all the leftovers.
Waste not...want not.  Isn't that what they say?

I crochet mostly.   Especially with this yarn.
I can knit...but not as well as I can crochet.  It's been too many years since I've knit that it just feels awkward to me.   But I did pick up a couple of skeins of worsted so I can try my hand at knitting again.

Maybe it will be like riding a'll all come back to me. ..... Maybe!

And then may not be pretty at all.
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  1. Very pretty. I did a little crocheting just before Christmas too. I miss it.

  2. That's pretty, Linda. Where did you find bamboo yarn?

  3. Very pretty! I like to crochet more than I like to knit, too - but haven't done either in quite a while. With so many quilters knitting and crocheting now - maybe I should find my stuff and make something. Assuming I remember how. ;))


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