Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I've been slowly plugging along on my CherryLime Mash (Orca Bay) and I've only got a few more brown stars to get finished and then I can start sewing this baby together.
I may be a slow sewer but I'm an impatient one for sure.   I'm always wanting to see what the finished project will look like in the end.

So I slapped a few border blocks up on the wall by the stars and watched it for awhile.
I wondered how those border blocks would look if I twisted them just a bit.
  Like this >>>. 
Ummm NO!   This is much to dark with the dark border.

So I pulled off the dark boarder and this was a little better (you have to pretend there is a white border in there).

This is OK but still didn't really jump up and down and scream "Look at Me"!

Soooo I played some more.....(remember, you're still pretending there is a small white border).... 

And TADA!!  THIS IS IT!  >>>>>>  

Now I'm going to really try hard to get this wonderful mystery finished in time for the final linkup the first part of Feb.

Thank you Bonnie for a great pattern... set together your way.... and finished my way.  
Thanks for stopping by....Linda


  1. That definitely is the best border, Linda. It looks great!

  2. Option #1 is the coolest effect of the middle of the quilt floating! Great job!


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