Sunday, January 1, 2012

CherryLime Mash

Even though I'm behind I'm still going to link to Bonnies blog one last time.  So grab your cup and head on over to check out the many different color compos and see how this all sets together.

I have finally finished Clue #4 (my pink strings - Bonnies red) and this is all that is left of the pink fabric I had pulled from my stash.   Since I didn't get to the LQS the other day like I wanted  I decided to send off an order to Connecting threads.  I need to replenish my dark chocolate browns and some more light pinks so I can make the stars.

And here are all the pretty little pinks cut and trimmed and waiting for the next step. 

I now have all clues #1 through #5 finished and I've started working on #7 geese.
I still need to make #6 stars when the fabric gets here but I think these geese will keep me busy till then.  I'm going slowly and carefully so I won't have to rip out along these strings.  That would not be a good thing!

I've decided to press my geese different than Bonnie's instructions.  She said to press toward the dark...but that just wants to lay that little white triangle point back on itself with too much bulk so I pressed toward my pinks (bottom right).  I've checked the final layout and it doesn't look like it will make a difference so I'm going to go ahead with this pressing.  The seam just lays better I think.  

I am so loving this mystery and I'm so glad I chose these colors even though I don't "see" any Orca's and definitely no "ocean or sunset" sooooo I've decided I'll be calling my quilt CherryLime Mash.  MMM Yum!  That fits!

Oh I almost forgot!!  It's Design Wall Monday at Judy's so check out what others have been working on lately.   I'm going to watch the Parade!!  Finally!! 
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  1. The strawberry and chocolate combination is so appealing! And your blocks are so even, with no frayed edges!

  2. I really love your colors for this quilt. I am not making this quilt right now but saved the instructions and I was leaning toward pink and browns too. I can't wait to see this finished. It will be gorgeous!

  3. The colors you chose for the mystery look so good. Your geese blocks are really lovely. Hope your fabric arrives quickly so you can keep up your great progress.

  4. I am so not a pink person but I love your color choices. and your name for your quilt is perfect.

  5. Love your colors! And your sewing is so precise! Even the back is gorgeous.

  6. beautiful quilt. Interesting color combinations.

  7. Oh I just can't wait to see yours together. CherryLime Mash is going to be stunning. And will ya look how perfect those blocks look? Goodness you are good!

  8. Your pinks and browns looks beautiful! I am anxious to see it all put together.

  9. A pinks and browns quilt has been on my wish list for a while now. I love that you choose to do Orca Bay in that combination! Since this is called Cherry Lime Mash, will lime green be the third color you'll use in your quilt? I'll read back a couple of posts to see if that was your plan.

    I look forward to seeing this one when your blocks are done!

  10. Cindy W Aus,
    I love your colour combo, very pleasing to my eyes, I am so not a red person.
    I want to make this, have pulled my fabric, not started yet.
    My red is going to be pink, my Blue is green, but I want to stay with the black and white.
    I just want to warn you, when it comes to the final layout, some people have layed out their blues (green in your case) strings, diagonally facing the dark stars, but they are meant to face the white, it does change the whole look of the quilt.
    Bonnies Photo is upsidedown compared to her EQ version, I have noticed a few people have been caught out and it does change the whole appearance of the quilt.
    Cheers, Cindy.


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