Monday, January 30, 2012

I sewed my last seam on the blocks last night and found one more goof that I had to redo but now they are all finished.
 Next up... the small border and I'm thinking I'll go with a dark brown to tie the borders together with the quilt.   Then the last pieced border.
By golly I think I'm going to make the final link-up party that Bonnie set for Feb 6th. least I'll have the top finished...the quilting will probably take at least another month before my gal can get it done.

Head on over to Judy's Design Wall Monday   and check out what some of the other quilters have been doing.

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  1. Your Orca Bay looks really good. I like the idea of a brown inner border.

  2. Yep, You just might make it. Have you made the pieces of the pieced border? The framing border will help in putting on the pieced border too.

  3. I like what you are doing with the borders on your Orca Bay Mystery quilt

  4. Love, love love your colors! I used pink, green and purple--LOL! Didn't know about the final link-up on Bonnie's blog on the 6th. I'll be ready to show mine!

  5. I really like your choice of colors. I'll have to tuck those in the back of my mind for a combination. Beautiful

  6. Yes! That looks very nice! By making the border the color you are, it will tie in nicely! That is what I did with the yellow orange border on mine.


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