Friday, December 19, 2008

Finally finished Friday....

Tomorrow we go pick up Scott and move him out of his dorm. First we'll do lunch with him....then he and Grandpa will carry everything to the truck. I will (of course) sit and direct. heehee
He has officially completed his collage courses now and has "Graduated". Yeah for him! We'll have a small party for him on Tuesday night to celebrate.
Now the poor kid has to go out in this cruel world and find his place. That's got to be scary. Especially now.

Tomorrow Deb & Jim arrive too. Jess comes Tues and Michael's family get here Wed. Evelin only has a couple of days off work so their trip won't be very long this year. But at least they get to be here for a short while. We still have cleaning to do before the whole bunch arrives but that won't take long.

I do have Danny's quilt off the frame now and ready to sew on the binding today. Then I'll be able to get the hand stitching finished this weekend.
Here's a quick pic and a closeup of the quilting.

This is the last quilt for Christmas this year.

Now I'm off to get the binding on.
Have a great day.

This is for you Jacquie..... Photobucket


  1. You made me smile Linda! I am indeed one happy woman this Christmas. I am sure you are excited for Scott to be finished with his college experience. I hope he will be one of the lucky ones and find a job quick! Have a fun time with all the gang!

  2. Enjoy your time with your family, Linda. Time with those you love is indeed precious. Congratulations to Scott. I hope he will be successful in finding a good job. The quilt is very pretty. I just heard "Silent Night" by Elvis here on your blog. It was just beautiful!


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