Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday morning....

Good morning all. The sun is coming up white gold this morning. As I sit here at my puter I see the sunrise each day and I'm amazed at the different colors that take place right outside my window.
Sometimes the sun rises in a blaze of color and sometimes it comes in quietly grey and soft.
Like today.

Nothing bright and flashy about the start of this sunrise.
Darkness quietly brightened to a white gold and gradually deepened into an orange glow as the moments passed.
And then as the sun was busting the horizon the soft golden glow gave way to ....
a bright burst of color!
And now as I write this the color has once again softened to a golden silver and the clouds have blended back to a soft grey.
The wind is calm and it's the start of a lovely day.
I've had my first cuppa and am now thinking of getting my eats.
....I've posted a few more layouts if you're interested.
.....The binding is all sewn on Michaels quilt and I'll get the label on later.
The tree is up and decorated so today we'll bring out the angels and nutcrackers and wreaths etc.
....Still packages to wrap (Jess where are you?) heehee
I'm off to check my mail and start my day.
Have a GREAT one.


  1. Your description is so beautiful I didn't really need to look at the photos. Thanks so much for sharing that.

  2. The pictures are wonderful and I agree with Dee I didn't need to see them with your wonderful descriptions. I am glad I did however! It sounds like Christmas plans are taking shape at your house. Tis the season right??

  3. What a beautiful description, and then the pictures! Lovely! Come visit me at my blog sometime!


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