Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This post is for my daughter Deb. will now have an apron!!!

It may not be the prettiest..... but it's an apron and it's reversible and it's all yours.     LOL

One of the members in our Guild is the Home Ec. teacher and she presented last months program.  She showed how she has her students cut either 5" or 6" squares and use seam binding for the edging and ties.  I missed the program but I do have the pattern sheet so I decided this would be just perfect to make for Deb.
I chose to make my own binding (so it would match) rather than buying the pre-made.  And since I really wasn't sure how it would all turn out I just grabbed some fabric that I was pretty sure I wouldn't use in a quilt.  It was quick, easy and will do the job when Deb is back home and wants to make her mother a cake or dinner or whatever.  heehee


  1. Well, it's not the prettiest but if it was too pretty it wouldn't get used because it would get all stained...ask me how I know that LOL.


  2. You know...I've never owned an apron. If I did have one, though, I'd want one that was full of character and really made a bold statement. Like this one, lol!

    Oh man, I just noticed in your sidebar that you plan to finish Dee's Baltimore Sampler. I'll send the blocks and the rest of the fabric right over, tee hee!

  3. Wow, that fabric just screams me!!!!!!! Ha Ha Ha!
    It is the thought that counts and what you did is VERY thoughtful. Thank You:)Ill have to try it out when we come back for Alivia's graduation.


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