Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So OK.  You remember how I've said I really needed to cut down on all the blog reading I do each day?  How it just eats up all my time.  (Of course now it's FarmVille..... but that's a whole 'nother story).
Back to the blogs. 
I followed interesting blogs with Google Reader.  A lot of interesting blogs.    And I have blogs arranged into different groups so it's a quick check to just click on the group.   I have Scrapbooking blogs, Best Friend blogs, etc etc.   The group that has the absolute most is Favorite blogs.  
Yep!  That one had a LOT of blogs.  I really did try to cut back  I spent several hours a few months ago just really sorting out the ones I really liked from the ones I kinda like.  I dumped a few.  Really!  I did!
But .... I still had oodles of blogs to go through each day. 
Well let me tell you how I've found a sure fire way to take care of too many blogs on the list.
It's very simple really.......
Here's how I did it.
I clicked on "Favorites" group and as I was running through them quickly I found one that I've lost interest in.  It was highlighted so (without thinking) I quickly clicked on 'Folder Settings' and then on 'Unsubscribe to all'.  And answered Yes to the next box.  You know that box that is smarted than you that always checks to be sure you know what you're doing?  Yeah that box! 
Zap!!!   That's all there is too it.  It wiped out all those blogs in that group.  LOL 
Gone!  No way to get them back. 
I froze. 
What was I going to do now?
............... Then I regained my composure.....took a deep breath.......... and realized that was probably the best thing that could have happened.  
Kinda like ripping off a bandaid. 
Awwww  I feel better now. 

Off to play FarmVille.........



  1. So that's how you trimmed your blog reading list. I am so sporadic about reading blogs. I do need to do better, that's for sure. I have been very busy farming though, but in Farmtown on Facebook. Now, that's addicting!

  2. It does feel good to trim back the blog list (even if it's by accident ROFL) and I'm VERY choosy on any that I add. I only follow around 50 of them and it still takes me 3 hours each morning. I'm not even going to look at Farmville, I know I would get addicted LOL.



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