Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday, 1/13/08

Good Sunday morning all. It's football day!!! And we will be staying close to the tv.
We went to church this morning and there was a chior with one young gal that had a fantastic voice. She led the prayers and also a solo at the end of mass. It must have been the high school kids doing the mass because most of the readers, the choir and altar people were all the young kids.
This is a pic of the church. They have one mass on Saturday evening and three on Sunday morning. So far the ones we've been to have all been full. And the Priest always welcomes the Winter Texans. So we must be a big percentage of the attendees.

After church we stopped at one of the local cafes for breakfast. I had two eggs, bacon and *grits*. I had no idea how to eat them so I just added butter. I wanted syrup so I think next time I'll ask for that. They also serve biscuits and gravy that looked mighty good. But I certainly got my belly full that's for sure.

Then we started driving home and saw all these kites flying. They must have been for some kind of promotion or something because they were all being flown by just two vans in the middle of the field. We stopped for a bit and then saw two more groups of them way down the beach from us. We didn't drive there because you had to pay to get on that beach so we sat and watched these for a bit. Be sure to click on the pics for a close-up.

Then we headed home and like I said....will be glued to the tv.
Have a great day everyone.

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