Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday 1/19/08

Whew!! After two very frustrating days of the connection here at the park upgrading and IE not working .... well I've finally downloaded Firefox and it seems to be working better.

The sun is shinning and it is a bit warmer today. Yeah!! Rained again yesterday and last night. And now.... I can honestly say things really ARE bigger in Texas!
Lightning and Thunder to name two.!!!
Holy Moley!!! I swear one lightning strike was right outside our door. And the thunder sounded like it was rolling right on top of the camper. Even brought Don out of the bedroom. heehee

Yesterday I got my machine out and started working on one of my projects that I brought with me. I've decided to call it my Flying Cranes. There will be six of them for one row. It's for my Mag 7 row by row quilt. I'm using all batiks. Now three more rows to go and then I'll go to the quilt store to find my sashing and border fabrics. You know....I have to have some excuse to go there. heehee

I've also finished one of the blackwork baskets. I've started the 2nd one last night. I love sitting and working on these. This will be my black & white quilt and I've got 16 squares traced and ready to stitch.

We'll be going to church tonight and then back to the China Bay restaurant.
Tomorrow will be FOOTBALL!! Go Pack!!

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