Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday, 1/12/08

Good morning everyone. Looking out my little window I can see the clouds drifting past and no breeze. Of course it's still early.

The last couple of days have been lazy and quiet. We haven't gone anywhere or done anything to speak of ..... well unless you call laundry "something'. heehee
Yesterday we spent an enjoyable afternoon trying out the front load washers and the tiny little dryers. :) I knew you'd think that was exciting. hahaha

I haven't even gotten my sewing machine out yet but I have been working on a Christmas bear that I started right before we left. I now have it finished. Please excuse the wrinkles. I just didn't want to dig around to find the iron.

Now isn't that adorable?

I'm off now to get ready for the day. I think we'll decide to go somewhere.
Will let you know later.

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  1. thats a really cute bear! good job! no walmart today? what a bummer!:D


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