Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday 1/17/08

Another cold (55 degrees) and windy day. In fact this is the most wind we've seen since we came down. But we still decided to venture out and do something today. There is supposed to be more rain coming in another day and for sure we won't go out in the rain.
....because we'd melt dotchaknow. heehee

We first decided to go to the Art Gallery. Christmas greenery and lights are still outside around the windows. Pretty. There were a couple of white rocking chairs on the porch and if it would have been warmer I'd have set a spell. ;)
We walked inside and could see the whole display area.
Completely >empty< except paper drop cloths taped to the floor. Criminy!! They are renovating between exhibits. It will re-open on the 30th.
Sooooo we'll put that back on the list of To-Do's.

But that was ok after all. We then decided to go down the street a bit and see the Aquarium. Lots of cars parked around so we drove by the front door and Lo & Behold..... Not open today. Only Fri - Sat - Sun & Mon.!!!
Again....another one back on the list!!

Now by this time we're both getting a bit paranoid. hahaha So back down the street to go to the Maritime Museum. Hoping against hope that IT was open. When we drove up to it there didn't seem to be much going on and we really weren't to sure where the entrance was. We drove around the block and then we saw a lady go in a door so we figured that was the way.
Yep!! FINALLY!! Someplace that wanted our money!! It was very enjoyable and we learned a lot. This pic is a large model of one of the French ships that sunk along the coast. Because of where it sank (in lots of sand) the whole ship was in very good shape and very well preserved because it filled up with sand right away instead of breaking up. They even found a skelaton inside it. Very interesting.

There was also an area dedicated to the offshore drilling and showed the drilling platforms and history of the dericks.

We then took the elevator to the second floor and saw a lot of models of different ships. There were fish mounted and told about the comercial fishermen and shrimpers. But government regulations and rules have really damaged them. It's a tough life!!

Then back to the elevator and up to the observation deck. OMGosh it was Windy and Cold. Only stayed long enough to get a few pics of the fishing harbor. Here's pics.

Off we went to eat lunch and decided on Apple Dumpling Deli. Soups, sandwiches and salads. Only open from 11:00 to 3:00. Don had Philly Cheese steak on a hoagie with potato salad and I had a 3 salad plate. Curried chicken - potato salad - fruit salad with either crackers or sweet potato mini muffins. I chose the muffins YUMMMY! Mine was very good but poor Don could have had a bigger portion. At least for what it cost. It was very good but I'm not sure we'll go back. Still haven't found my perfect seafood place yet. Still looking.
Now I'm going to curl up in my quilt again and work on my handwork. I'm ready for that mid 60 degree weather that's supposed to be down here.
Bye for now all.
Love ya!!

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