Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Day 1

Ok … here we go. We can now officially call ourselves *Winter Texans*. We pulled into our campground around 5:30pm and Don had to back down our street between 7 campers on each side to get parked. Holy Moley!! Sure glad he was a trucker. I don’t know how some guys would do it. We have the last site on 4th street. Right by the laundry. Yeah!!

When we first pulled in Don went to get our papers….and he didn’t come back very quick. So when I finally went in the lady at the counter was going over papers a mile high I swear. Oh My Gosh!! Well…we’ll get thru all of them eventually. But first we rest!! Don is really exhausted and I’m even tired. We’re going to call it a night early.
I’ll post more later.

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