Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Our flyover zone...

Our campground is located right by the Rockport airport and there are helicopters that come and go every day.
We've been told they shuttle the workers to and from the gulf oil rigs. They only run during the day so it really doesn't bother much. Also there are small planes coming and going too. Nothing really starts before 7:30 in the morning tho. So far they haven't bothered me so I hope it doesn't get tiresome the longer we are here.
This morning I went to Walmart to the beauty shop and got a perm and cut. I was a little hesitant...but I just couldn't stand my hair any longer and HAD to get something done. The gal that worked on me did a wonderful job. It's the best perm I've ever gotten. And I really like the cut. Guess I'll just have to come down here twice a year. heehee
Woke up this morning with high humidity, heavy clouds and a few sprinkles even. Now the sky is clear and almost a bit too warm. I'm going to take my embroidery outside for awhile I think.
bye for now....from warm Rockport...

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