Saturday, February 2, 2008

Saturday 2/2/08

Wow It's Feb already. Slowly time is moving right along.
First I have to tell you that I've hurt my knee really bad again so I'm going to see if I can get a Dr down here to give me a brace to help me till I can get home and go to my own Dr. It has really put a damper on my getting around. Yesterday was NOT a good day....but today is much better. I'm wrapping it and being very careful how I stand and step. So that's the reason I didn't post yesterday.

Soooo this afternoon we decided to drive over the bridge and go see the Goose Island State park. We've been told by several people that if you camp in the State Parks you don't have to have a fishing license to fish off the bank.
Now if you wade out or fish from a boat....then you buy a license. LOL
After driving through the park ($5.00 please) (Yep Jim, it's Texas. hahaha) We both agree we like where we are the best. Plus it's cheaper.

We also wanted to go to the *Big Tree*. This is the road and the Oaks that we drove through on our way.

And here is the tree. I had to sit in the truck but Don walked up close to it.
The info says it a 2000-year old tree measuring over 38 feet in circumference.

Have a Great weekend all.
SUPER BOWL tomorrow!!!

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