Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's a foggy morning...

Good morning all. I'm still babying this thing along. Grrrrr!!! Haven't yet received my new mother board from Paul so I can fix this. I've even had my two USB ports go out on me for several days. So I lost my external mouse and my WiFi booster. But they're back again this morning so I can at least navigate around at a bit faster speed.

I'm not going to post any new pics till I'm fixed since I'll probably loose them all when I replace the board. Now that really makes me mad!!@#$%@! ;)

Sunday we wanted to go back to the Island again. So we headed out and was merrily driving along....till we got about 1 mile from the ferry landing. Whoe!! Traffic!!! The line was backed up for a mile to get on the ferry to cross. We turned around and decided to make it another day.
We did a little driving tour of Aransas Pass and saw a sunken fishing boat. Other than being along the water the town is just like any other town.
I'm still very fond of the quaintnes of Rockport and their multi-colored buildings and houses.

Monday we drove down to Corpus Cristi to see the Texas Aquarium. LOVED IT!!! I'll post more about it later when I can safely post pics.

The rest of the week has been rather uneventful. Just regular stuff like laundry and groceries etc etc.
I did go to the quilt store yesterday. I want to make a wall hanging in remembrance of our trip down here so I bought some fabrics that I think will tell my story. Now to just get the design out of my head and into the fabric. May take awhile. :)
Bye for now all.
Humidity: 100% in very foggy 68 degree Rockport.

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